What is Bunker?

Thursday, April 6, 2023

What is Bunker?

Bunker, which means underground shelter, is a term used to describe underground areas that were commonly used to protect people from air attacks during World War II. Before liquid fuels, coal was burned in ships, and the storage area for coal was also called a bunker, which is how the term became a generic name for ship fuel. Today, the word bunker is commonly used to refer to petroleum products stored in tanks.

What Does Bunker Mean in Logistics?

Bunker fuel has been increasingly used since the 1950s due to the rise of container ships and the shift from steamships to petroleum-based fuels.

As an international logistics term, bunker simply means ship fuel. Ship fuels, such as Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), Marine Fuel Oil (MFO), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), and mineral oil used for lubricating the engine, are not only part of the maritime logistics industry as fuel used by ships, but also a logistics operation in the process of supplying fuel to these ships and marine vehicles.

What is Bunkering?

Bunkering is the basic operation of refueling a ship. It is a process that includes loading fuel, distributing it between ship tanks, and completing the supply. This operation consists of three main processes:

1. Preparation: It is the process of preparing equipment, tools, and storage tanks, as well as taking safety measures.

2. Bunkering: It is the process of supplying the ship with fuel according to the preparation, plan, and agreement.

3. Completion: It is the process of ending the bunkering operation, ensuring that the correct amount of the right fuel has been provided and completing the process with necessary safety measures.

Although different procedures are carried out in each of these processes, the most important common point is that ensuring the safety of the ship, equipment, and personnel is the first step. Bunkering is a quite cumbersome operation by its nature; therefore, it is important to take all safety measures and carry out the operation with great attention and care.

What is Bunker Ship – Barge?

Bunker vessels, also known as barges, are small tanker ships that carry ship fuel. These ships have heating mechanisms for fuels that need to be heated before supply. In fact, calling these ships "floating fuel stations" would not be wrong. They have all the equipment, personnel, and safety measures necessary to carry out all the processes from the beginning to the end of fuel supply to a ship. As a result, ships can receive fuel supply while anchored in open sea.

Bunkering is an operation that requires high safety measures from start to finish, and safety should always be the top priority. Therefore, working with experienced companies with industry experience in this field will provide an advantage in terms of safety. With over 44 years of industry experience and proven success worldwide, Asmira Marine provides VIP service at competitive prices.