Asmira Group, incorporating its experience, business acumen, trust, and sustainability from 1977 to the present day, is advancing confidently towards its vision of becoming a global player by adding the motivation of "To become local on every European Coast". Born, raised, and developed in the Aegean region, Asmira Group has embraced creating value as a principle by reflecting values such as tolerance, human-oriented, and diversity to every stage of its business processes. By successfully blending its core competencies from its founding until today with current developments and innovations, it aims to bring its superior service approach to more stakeholders at more points.

Asmira Group, which continues to grow steadily with a realistic vision, an achievable mission, attainable goals, and sustainability-focused strategies, has adopted a dynamic business philosophy that is dedicated to constant renewal to achieve its short, medium, and long-term goals. Leveraging its sectoral knowledge and experience in Marine, Energy, Foreign Trade, and Logistics, Asmira Group spreads its business to all its subsidiaries in Europe in its short and medium-term goals, while continuing to invest in different business fields, experiencing the justifiable pride and privilege of being Aegean.