Asmira Energy, with nearly half a century of experience and reliability in fuel transportation, is getting stronger day by day. The company provides its services at yacht, ship, and land supply points, ensuring "safe and high-quality operations" by taking all the latest measures in compliance with regulations. With its specially trained personnel, experienced driver team, and high-tech marine and land tanker fleets, Asmira Energy offers "safe service" to its customers in line with European standards.

Daily trucking reports ensure close monitoring of vehicles, and error-free service is provided to our stakeholders with the highest level of safety measures taken. With its special pumps that can supply 800 liters per minute and can increase the capacity up to 1,200 liters with cross connections, and its special production technical equipment, Asmira Energy provides uninterrupted service with its truck fleet.

Asmira Energy's liaison office in Aliağa and its high-tech Menemen Ulukent Truck Garage provide quick access to all fuel terminals operating in the region.

With a philosophy of continuously improving its service network and quality, Asmira Energy designs project-based, productivity-enhancing "boutique support services" tailored to its customers' needs and adapts rapidly to evolving business models, technologies, and current trends in its processes and operations. As a reliable solution partner for its customers, Asmira Energy continues to be so today as it has been in the past.

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