International solutions since 1977

Asmira Group, incorporating its experience, business acumen, trust, and sustainability from 1977 to the present day, is advancing confidently towards its vision of becoming a global player by adding the motivation of "To become local on every European Coast". Born, raised, and developed in the Aegean region, Asmira Group has embraced creating value as a principle by reflecting values such as tolerance, human-oriented, and diversity to every stage of its business processes.


Asmira Marine, which has acquired a reputation within the bunker sector due to its proven experience that has been evolving since 1977, started yacht chartering business in 2020 within the Asmira Group with the aim to create a new dimension to its evolving maritime activities. In addition to yacht chartering, Asmira Marine provides exceptional quality services in Bunkering, Marine Fuel Stations, and Yacht Maintenance & Repair, aiming to utilize and further develop its expertise and quality-focused business practices in various areas of yachting.

Since their establishment, two group companies, Asmira Petrol and Asmira Logistics have merged under the name Asmira Energy and have been continuing their operations. Asmira Energy operates in the fuel industry in various areas such as Fuel Station Management, Wholesale Fuel Sales, Wholesale Lubricant Sales, Vehicle Identification System, Fuel Transportation and Supply.

Miraka, created within the global operations of the Asmira Group, is established as a trader which connects buyers and sellers in the field of Bunkering. Miraka aims to surpass customers’ expectations by connecting buyers and sellers together, while also creating value by considering the interests of both parties. Additionally, Miraka has started its activities in the Petro-Chemical Product Trading sector.

With its extensive service network and powerful, new fleet, Tacklog provides transportation services to all regions in Türkiye according to customer needs. It also provides temporary storage of loads to be distributed within the scope of Storage and Distribution services, ensuring distribution in the conditions requested by customers. All storage and distribution processes are carried out in compliance with relevant regulations.


As Asmira Group, we understand that people are the most valuable asset of a business, and that the bridge between a company's goals and success lies in the hard work of its employees.

In this context, we embrace people from different cultures, religions, languages, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and backgrounds who come together around the same goal with great respect and believe in the universality of diversity.